[R] multiple selection syntax

Corey Moffet cmoffet at nwrc.ars.usda.gov
Mon Sep 8 19:55:32 CEST 2003

I think you just want &, not &&.

 x <- 1:10
 xint <- x[x>=4 & x < 7]

At 05:57 PM 9/8/2003 +0200, anne wrote:
>This is a very newbie question on R syntax, but I do not find the answer....
>I want to make a selection on an interval say choose Xint in the 
>interval of temperatures 390-399
>I tried this syntax
>Xint<- X[t>=390 && t< 400] 
>typing >XintI get the answer numeric(0)
>it did not select any object! 'though I verified that there indeed are 
>occrencies of X in this interval
>Any idea?
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