[R] Hierarchical clustering : analysis of the cluster

vincent.stoliaroff@sgcib.com vincent.stoliaroff at sgcib.com
Mon Sep 8 15:00:30 CEST 2003

Hi R lovers!

I am using the agnes function of the package cluster to compute a
hierarchical clustering.
I'd like to know if somebody has ever developped a function which could
give the names/label of the individuals merged together with respect to the
number of cluster the user eventually wants to keep.
Namely, If I have the dendogram and I choose to cut it to get , say 5
cluster, how can I get the names of the individuals in each of the 5

I am looking for an algorithm that could do that.
I have tried to find one using the $merge component of the agnes.object or
the $order.lab component but with no result.

If by chance it exists already...
Thank you very much.

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