[R] Right formula for a mixed-design anova

Rafael Laboissiere laboissiere at psy.mpg.de
Sat Sep 6 00:10:18 CEST 2003


I am having some trouble to find the correct syntax in R for analysing my
results.  I am running a experiment in which we measure the force exerted by
the subjects (the independent variable) under two different fixed factors.
Each factor has two levels, so that each subject participated to several
repetitions of those four kinds of trials.  I think that I should consider
the subjects here as a random effect.

My specific problem is that we are interested on investigating the effect of
an end-state in each trial (say, the controlled point on the screen ended to
the right or to the left) on the exerted force.  I think that this later
factor should also be considered as a random effect, but I am not sure.

My question is how do I specify this model using aov() in R.  I am not very
used to statitics, and perhaps my question has a trivial answer.  If this is
the case, please give the pointers where I can find more information on this

Thank you in advance for any help,

Rafael Laboissiere

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