[R] Putting regression lines on SPLOM

(Ted Harding) Ted.Harding at nessie.mcc.ac.uk
Fri Sep 5 17:04:34 CEST 2003

Another query:

I'm now trying to have the x- and y-axes all on the same scale
(0:15) in every panel, whereas the default behaviour of splom
is to scale them according to the ranges of the individual
variables in each panel.

So I tried (emulating the responses to my earlier query):

  splom(log(1+DF), panel = function(x, y, ... ) {
        panel.xyplot(x, y, xlim=c(0,15),ylim=c(0,15))

And it appears that the 'xlim' and 'ylim' specifications are
ignored (i.e. the behaviour is exactly the same as


?panel.xyplot refers you to ?xyplot for "further arguments",
and ?xyplot certainly specifies the above form for specifying
x- and y-limits. I think ...

With thanks as always for any help,

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