[R] Strange problem.

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By the way, Dong,

you shouldn't use the term "mean" in Splus to designate the mean of your trait  (mean<-8000). "mean' is an Splus function, and by doing mean<-8000, you may experience problems when you'll need the argument "mean" to designate the original Splus function (as in the function model.tables.aov(object.aov,type="effects") for example). I tell you that because I had this problem today. Some of the function I had created and that worked before wouldn't work anymore and I realised this was because of that "mean" element that I had generated to help you solve your problem and that I forgot to erase.


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Hi, everyone,
    I am a new user of R. Recently, I tried the following commands, but couldn't make them work. If any one of you has some ideas about it, please help me. The commands are

+ if(n < 9543) 
+  0
+ else
+  prior(n)/n
+ }
>plot(post,1,15000)  # This command didn't work. The error message is " x and y lengths differ "

I was really confused about it because the first function "prior" can work well. I think I must make something wrong stupidly, but could not find it. If you can help me about it, it would be very helpful. Thanx a lot in advance.

   Yannong Dong

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