[R] gnome gui question

Anne York york at zipcon.net
Thu Sep 4 19:41:25 CEST 2003

I have compiled R 1.7.1 with gnome and installed the gtkDevice on a Linux 
RH 8 system. This is my first use of this device and I have two 
questions about it.

1.  After running R --rui="gnome", the console comes up. To open a 
graphics window, I open the gtkDevice library [library(gtkDevice)], then 
start a gtk device [gtk()]. After the library command, I receive the 
message from R that the gtk function is masked from package:base. Did I do 
something incorrect in my installation to receive this message? The 
gtk device does open and appears to work, so maybe this is a "play on". 

2. In the "settings --> preferences"  menu section, I am able to change 
the look (fonts and colors) for the console and pager. However, the 
corresponding section for the graphics window has no visible options. Is 
this normal? 



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