[R] Calling functions of R from Perl?

Bernhard Bals bbals at t-online.de
Wed Sep 3 23:13:30 CEST 2003


I've already asked this question, but unfortunately I've combined it 
with another question. So it was ignored in almost all cases. Thanks to 
those who have already given some hints.

Here again:

I don't want to use R interactively (issue commands after the prompt > 
..), but use some functionality of R from inside a Perl script.

Can I use methods of R from a Perl script: Is there an interface from
Perl (or at least from C/C++) to R (f.e. invoke R functions from Perl,
C, C++ or some other language)?
If so, can you please point me to the documentation on the Web or in
literature where this is decribed?

Do you have some trivial demo Perl script (or C/C++ program) that uses 
this technique, f.e. calls an R method like "mean" or "standard deviation"?

Any help is appreciated very much!


Dr. Bernhard Bals
Dollmannstr. 6
D-81541 München
bbals at t-online.de

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