[R] error message in nlm()

"Hüsing, Johannes" johannes.huesing at medizin.uni-essen.de
Mon Sep 1 19:02:49 CEST 2003

Hi all,

I have been trying the nlm function but received an error message
which reads:

Error in nlm(intensities ~ f, c(epsilon.spec.start,
epsilon.unspec.start,  : 
	invalid function value in 'nlm' optimizer

The message is generated somewhere in the compiled part, apparently 
within the function 

static void fcn(int n, const double x[], double *f, function_info

where a jump to a "badvalue" label is caused on different conditions:

- if the type of a value generated from the call from R is neither of 
  type INTSXP nor REALSXP,
- if the length of this value is not 1.

The error message is issued after the second call to the function that 
nlm minimizes over.

Could you give any suggestions on what I could be mishandling?

Best wishes


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