[R] readcsvIts() to create irregular time series

Jan Verbesselt Jan.Verbesselt at agr.kuleuven.ac.be
Mon Sep 1 18:59:23 CEST 2003

Thanks for the quick help,

It works now!

> Fire   <-
> is.its(Fire)
[1] TRUE

1. What can you do with informat and outformat? Is it the same as
its.format() before the its function?

2. Can the its be plotted onto a ts? And is a correlation analysis in
between the two objects possible?

 > Timeserie
Time Series:
Start = c(1998, 10) 
End = c(2001, 36) 
Frequency = 36 
  [1,] 0.8021540
  [2,] 0.7862612

plot(Timeserie, ylim=c(0.4, 7))
lines(Fire, col=2, type="S")

Thanks again for your help,

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The function readcsvIts reads a csv file into a matrix.  To convert 
the matrix into an 'its', apply the its function to the matrix.

So for your example

test- <- its(readcsvIts(filename))


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