[R] Time for Usenet R Group?

Roger D. Peng rpeng at stat.ucla.edu
Fri May 30 19:50:03 CEST 2003

Marc R. Feldesman wrote:

> I agree with you on the "flood" of messages lately.  Often this flood 
> accompanies a new release, but this flood has continued unabated for 
> longer than I would have imagined.  The good news is that R is becoming 
> more popular and this (hopefully) attracts more developers, which 
> results in more libraries, etc.  The bad news is that with more users 
> come more questions.

I don't consider that "bad news".  That's just "how it is".  As far as I 
can see, it's all good news :)

Personally, I prefer having the email list with the individual messages 
(rather than the digest) because I check email frequently and can catch 
things as they come in.  If the list moved to Usenet or a web forum, I 
doubt I would check the list as frequently, if ever.


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