[R] proportional splitplot with glmmPQL

Ronaldo Reis Jr. chrysopa at insecta.ufv.br
Tue May 27 18:27:15 CEST 2003


sorry by this repeated question, but I'm a student and I dont have
money to buy any book more for now and I dont find any answer in network.

I have a splitplot with binomial errors (proportion data).

I try to make a model with glmmPQL.

But my doubt are:

Exit any method to compare models made with glmmPQL?
How know about the variables significance and model significance?
How make a model simplification (variables simplification and levels

If it is not possible with glmmPQL, how is the best method for make this
analysis? Using lme with the data transformed in log(y/n-y), where y is the
observation and n is the total.

Thanks for ALL and sorry again.


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