[R] building zip?

Kurt Sys kurt.sys at ugent.be
Mon May 26 11:21:47 CEST 2003


I guess I owe the R Windows maintainers an apology. Indeed, the
information of how building the zip-packages is in the file

However, my story (if I'm allowed): I installed R for Windows quite
fast, just to test the packages. In standard installation, the
necessary software for building packages is not installed, and hence,
the file 'readme.packages' was not on the computer where I installed R
for Windows. I read all readme-files and the 'writing
extensions'... but the information was in the 'readme.packages', which
was not 'installed', because I just took standard installation (it was
just for testing, so I thought that the 'standard' installation would
have been ok, as it is for Linux).
I wonder, no offence to anyone, just a question, why the building
packages stuff is not in the standard Windows installation. It would
have saved me (and apparently some others) time, and all people on
this list another stupid question mail.


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