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thanks, it's easy and it seems to work. There are not .dll's involved


Mail from Rolf Turner
sent on Friday May 23 2003 at 09:01 (GMT-0300):

> I had similar difficulties a while back, trying to build a package
> for Windoze under Solaris.  With Solaris, the answer turns out to be
> easy --- once you know how.  (But ``they'' never seem to tell you
> these things until you squeeze the information out of ``them''.)
> That is, it's easy as long as there are no *.dll's involved.  If
> there are, then you have a more difficult problem, which I am
> currently unqualified to help with.
> For what they're worth, here are my notes to myself on what to do
> (in Solaris).  (I was installing stuff for students on our local
> Novell network, so the notes are oriented that way.):
> ===+===+===+===+===+===+===+===+===+===+===+===+===+===+===+===+===+===+===
> To create a package to be installed by Windows is easy as long as
> there is no compilation (no C or Fortran code to be compiled into a
> dynamically loadable object or `dll''.)
> Just install the package on the Unix box, go to where it's installed
> (e.g. .../Rlib) and then execute
>         zip -r9l <pkge>.zip <pkge> e.g.:
>         zip -r9l ts.sup.zip ts.sup
> The resulting *.zip file can then be transported to a windows system
> and installed there.
> E.g. put ts.sup.zip in F:/rproject on the Novell network, start up R
> and execute
>         > install.packages("F:/rproject/ts.sup.zip",
>                            lib="L:/statdata/Rlib",CRAN=NULL)
> (Currently an error and some warnings occur, but they can be
> ignored!!!)
> ===+===+===+===+===+===+===+===+===+===+===+===+===+===+===+===+===+===+===
> The ``zip'' command is built into Solaris (solaris 2.9); on Linux I
> guess you'd have to get it off the web and install it.  E.g., (I
> think) http://www.info-zip.org/pub/infozip/.
> Hope this helps.
> 				cheers,
> 					Rolf Turner rolf at math.unb.ca

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