[R] Not getting all data to a text file via write.table

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look more deeply at


>From wite.table help:

`write.table' prints its required argument `x' (after converting
it to a data frame if it is not one already) to `file'.  The
entries in each line (row) are separated by the value of `sep'.


>write.table(df, file=myfile.csv, sep=";")
gives the exact output independent on screen constraints.

Or try

R as really excellent statistical software has MUCH better tools for
analysis of residuals than any spreadsheet calculator including Excel,
therefore I use R for such analysis. Try



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Hi all- Thanks in advance for your help.

 I have a 2275x1 table of residuals from an lm() regression.
 I want to analyze this further in Excel.  I tried using:


and this yields a nice looking output in R, but because of screen
constraints, I seem to loose data "out-the-top" of the Console -- which
doesn't bother me, as long as I can see it eventually.  But when i clicked
on the RGui tool bar File|Save to file|, etc., only what I could see in the
Console seemed to be saved to the text file.

 Obviiously, I am a newbie -- How can I get the entire output into this

 Again, thanks!  Enjoy the Holiday weekend!

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