[R] building zip?

Kurt Sys kurt.sys at UGent.be
Fri May 23 12:35:09 CEST 2003


I know this might sound stupid, but here's my problem. I try to build
packages, which gives absolutely no problem as long as I do this in
Linux. I get my .tar.gz-package. However, for windows, one needs
.zip-files (I guess), but for one reason or another, this seems not to
I'm sorry about this question, but I'm not a windows-specialist (nor
Linux-guru). I don't see how to make 'zip'-packages in linux and
trying this in Windows ('Rcmd build <package>' at the DOS prompt),
tells me it can't find perl script 'c:\Progra~1\R/bin/build' (or
something like that).


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