[R] rts conversion to ts?

Spencer Graves spencer.graves at pdf.com
Wed May 21 17:41:18 CEST 2003

I don't know if this will help, but the "survReg" command is written as 
"survreg", not "survReg", in R.  I define "survReg <- survreg" first, 
and then my S-Plus scripts using "survReg" work in R.  Similarly, 
"singular.ok=TRUE" by default in "lm" in R, while "singular.ok=FALSE" by 
default in S-Plus.  If I need to change the default behavior, I make a 
local copy in my working directory and edit that so it does what I want. 
  After that, each time "lm" is called, it accesses the copy in my 
working directory and never gets to "lm" in the base language.  You can 
even make "pi <- 3", but I don't recommend that for much of anything 
except to illustrate possibilities.

I'm not familiar with either "rts" or S-Plus dumps, so I don't know if 
this will help.

Best Wishes,
Spencer Graves

Adam wrote:
> Hi
> Not sure if this is going to the right place…
> I am attempting to use a S-Plus workspace that has been saved via the dump
> facility. These include a number of commands not recognised by R, namely rts
> commands. Is there a way round this by changing these in some way for R’s ts
> commands? Any help much appreciated.
> Adam
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