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Jason Fisher stormplot at hotmail.com
Wed May 21 01:28:10 CEST 2003


In regards to Professor Ripley's comments, perhaps you misunderstand my 
intentions.  My belief is that R is an incredible programming language which 
has been created from an enormous amount of hard work from people like you.  
I've been working off and on with S+ for about three years and R for the 
last year.  Much of my work in the past six months has been on the 
development of a graphics tool (GWplot) for the analysis of groundwater flow 
and transport models.  The software relies heavily upon both the RODBC 
(MySQL) and tcltk packages, both of which are working incredibly stable on 
my Windows XP machine.  I know, you had enough of my praises for R, where's 
the goods you ask...  What have I given to the R community?  As of yet, I'm 
disappointed to say, almost nothing at all.  Due to the unpredictable nature 
of civil engineering coarse requirements, I've been unable to focus on a 
single R project for very long.  This has changed given that I'm solely 
working toward my dissertation at this point in time.  I can only assure you 
that all of my code and software will be submitted (with documentation) to 
the R community in the near future.  The number of hours I've put into this 
project has been enormous.

Furthermore, I accept your offer and would gladly take over the provision 
and testing of the R_Tcl.zip.  I’m not sure if I'm the perfect one for the 
job; however, working with Tcl/Tk has been a real pleasure so far.

Thanks for your time,


>On Windows?  Only if that is an offer to take over the provision and
>testing of R_Tcl.zip.

>Um, that sounds like a very lazy approach: `let me make work for the R 
>volunteers to keep my own work to a minimum'.  You seem to misunderstand 
>the R project.

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