[R] R in BATCH mode

vito muggeo vito.muggeo at giustizia.it
Tue May 20 16:56:44 CEST 2003

Dear all,
In R<=1.6.2 I usually used the following code (in DOS prompt) to run R in
batch mode

C:\documents> Rcmd BATCH myfile.R

and I could see the results (including warning messages) in the file

In R.1.7.0 I'm experiencing the followings:

(1) even if I type "Rcmd BATCH myfile.R myfile.Rout",
no file myfile.Rout is created, but just a "&1" file
(2)After typing  "Rcmd BATCH myfile.R" the following message appears
immediately in DOS prompt
ARGUMENT '2' __ignored__
(3) results are printed in file "&1", but the process is rather slow.
Am I missing anything?

I'm running R-1.7.0 on WinME,

Many thanks,

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