[R] how to construct tree under R

Ana KOZOMARA ana.kozomara at 9online.fr
Mon May 19 08:21:55 CEST 2003

Hey guys,
thanks a lot for your understanding and advices.
Anyway, I suceed to make something like tree-structure under R...list of
because my problem was not which algorithm to use to construct the
regression tree, but which data structure to choose....
best wishes,
thanks a lot again,
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> >
> > Sorry, didn't mean to make you mad...
> > unfortunately, at the moment i don't think i can afford it,
> > and in my university library there are no books concerning R...
> > Anyway, I'm sorry if I'm bugging you with the questions...
> > (actually, I even tried to install today one library which I think was
> > written
> > by you..."tree")...anyway it didn't work, so I suppose that speaks of my
> > niveau..Too bad there is no mailing list for a real R beginers...
> > I'm kidding,
> > best regard,
> > anyway, thaks for the answers,
> > ana
> [not to R-Help - you already forwarded Brian's message to r-help which
> was private!]
> Ana,
> in your library are no books concerning R? The two books from Venables
> and Ripley are very famous and "Modern Applied Statistics with S" ist
> the best sold Springer book in Statistics, AFAIK. So it's your turn make
> a suggestion to the library people to buy it!
> The book
>   Breiman, Friedman, Olshen, and Stone (1984):
>   Classification and Regression Trees. Wadsworth.
> is THE book defining CART (and therefore the similar implementation of
> rpart, which was implemented by Terry M Therneau and Beth Atkinson at
> Mayo - there was a Technical Report on this, AFAIK).
> Anyway, there are some manuals coming with R, for a beginner: "An
> Introduction to R", "R Data Import/Export", ans "R Language Definition".
> Also, reading the FAQs is a good idea.
> Since all people answering mails on R-help are volunteers, they don't
> want to answer extremly basic questions that are obvious from reading
> the manuals.
> Your idea to type in rpart was OK. Better idea: Look in the package
> structure of the package sources and look for the relevant file *.R with
> R Code, and *.c, *.f for the C and Fortran sources that are the basic of
> the DLL which the R Code uses.
> Uwe Ligges

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