[R] how to run R as a daemon

Laurent Faisnel laurent.faisnel at ariase.com
Mon May 19 14:21:45 CEST 2003

I  just visited the link you gave me. One of the problems that could 
occur using NuSOAP is that I do not intend using Python. Thanks anyway. 
I would also like to ask more precise questions :
- is it possible to run R as a standalone service, which runs in 
background indefinitely, waiting for instructions ? This would be a 
great improvement for me, since each time it is launched R has to 
re-load a (constant) matrix generated thanks to a database connection 
(takes a very long while)
- my R script is object-oriented; I define classes and methods, but I'm 
not so sure about how methods should be declared; I usually write 
something like :

mymethod <- function(.Object) UseMethod("mymethod",.Object);

            # instructions

Perhaps is this not the best way to write methods ? Could this explain 
the following fact : when I run the script, R spends about 1/3 of its 
thinking time creating the generic functions linked with my methods. 
Isn't this wasted time ? The same script may be executed many times 
consecutively by different users, and each time R has to re-define the 
generic functions ! (are always the same)

I use R 1.6.2 on a Linux server (Red Hat - soon Debian)

Marsland, John wrote:

>Why not run R as a separate process using the RSOAP package.
>You can then converse with R as a web service using the NuSOAP PHP class as
>described in the case of the Amazon example below:
>John Marsland
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>>Hi all,
>>Using R a as a real-time application called by Php for a website, I 
>>would like to run one R process only, which would manage user 
>>connections. For the time each user who asks for an analysis causes a 
>>new R process to start, which is not suitable in prevision of many 
>>users. R needs about 30 seconds to run the script which makes the 
>>analysis. The problem is that this waiting time is n times more 
>>important when n users ask for an analysis...
>>Thanks for any help.
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