[R] confidencial

Aziz Ahmed a_ahmed1 at starmedia.com
Mon May 19 12:59:36 CEST 2003

Dear sir,

            Let me introduce myself , I am brother to Tariq Aziz , the deputy prime minister of Iraq , before the us led coalition war against my country. 
            I have been working for my brother for past 15 years. My brother have the sum of [46 million Dollars] with me ,which to be send to Europe which has been done 
            I have decided to find somebody who can help me to
secure the money or establish the money in Europe.Actually my brother has more than that with me. 
            I don't want my identity to be exposed to outside the world, I am now hiding in Kuwait. 
            Please if you are interested in this deal or to be my partner please contact my lawyer through his E-mail address. 
            I know nothing goes for nothing we will be negotiating after 
you contact my lawyer This is my lawyer E-mail address.... mattarozzi_mirco at rediffmail.com


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