[R] how to construct tree under R

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> On Sat, 17 May 2003 19:19:49 +0200, an incredible array of electrons
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> spewed forth by ANA KOZOMARA:
> ANA> Hello.
> ANA> I have a hudge problem, don't know how to deal with it...
> ANA> I'm supposed to implement a tree structure in R, without using
> ANA> rpart library...
> ANA> I don't have any clue about appropriate approach...
> ANA> Anyway, I can't use pointers under R...so how to to it?
> ANA> lists, vectors...
> ANA> Anyway, does anybody knows how the regression tree in rpart was
> ANA> implemented...
> ANA> Someone please help!
> You might look at the source code, which is available with the
> library.  You could also look at the technical report available on
> CRAN (package sources), which explains the way the program works.  If
> all else fails, you could also look at Breiman et al, "Classification
> and Regression Trees" which is the canonical source for this.
Thanks for your advices...but, but, but...the whole day i was trying to
understand the source code of the rpart function...
i mean, if it's what obtained by typing
>rpart in R-prompt...
sorry, if I pose stupid questions, but R is really new to me...
I don't even know what's
> also look at Breiman et al, "Classification
> and Regression Trees"
.a book...? I don't think that, here in France I could get it...:(...
So, my stupid question is, how do I get the source code of R functions...?
Well, thanks a lot again,
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