[R] plot question

David Nogués dnogues at ipe.csic.es
Thu May 15 19:41:00 CEST 2003


Im a novice user of R. I was triying develop graphs with plot.lm or 
plot(gam) but I dont obtain a desire result. I would like to create a 
plot from lm, glm and gam objects showing:

1- Fit curve
2- Raw data of predictor and response variables as points.
3- Confidence intervals (95%)

Anybody can help me?  

David Nogués Bravo

Functional Ecology and Biodiversity Department
Pyrenean Institute of Ecology
Spanish Research Council

Av. Montañana 1005
Zaragoza - CP 50059
976716030 - 976716019 (fax)

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