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Adelchi Azzalini azzalini at stat.unipd.it
Thu May 15 18:07:51 CEST 2003

On Thursday 15 May 2003 14:43, Duncan Murdoch wrote:
> On Thu, 15 May 2003 00:27:26 +0200, you wrote:
> >Dear All,
> >
> >I haven't seen any further comments about the problem that John Marsland
> >
> >first noted and that I also have:
> > > library(DBI)
> > > library(RMySQL)
> >
> >Warning message:
> >DLL attempted to change FPU control word from 8001f to 9001f
> It's a bad idea to ignore warnings!  This says that there's a problem

In general, I agree ...of course.  However, I have a similar experience even
without warnings:

>  library(DBI)
> library(RMySQL)
>  handle<-dbDriver("MySQL")
> handle
>  con<-dbConnect(handle, dbname="xxxx",  host="tango", user="aa")
Segmentation fault

The actual dbname has been replaced by "xxxx", but it does not matter
what I write there; the outcome is the same.  Also, changing the host="tango"
to host="localhost" or to the full computer name makes no difference. 

The environment is as follows:         _    
platform i686-pc-linux-gnu
arch     i686             
os       linux-gnu        
system   i686, linux-gnu  
major    1                
minor    6.1              
year     2002             
month    11               
day      01               
language R         

DBI version 0.1-4
RMySQL version 0.5-0

[tango:aa:~/SW] mysql --version
mysql  Ver 11.16 Distrib 3.23.49, for pc-linux-gnu (i686)

The fanny thing is that my students can connect to my computer and use 
the database from the computer lab (with R 1.6.1 for Windows) without problems!


Adelchi Azzalini

Adelchi Azzalini  <azzalini at stat.unipd.it>
Dipart.Scienze Statistiche, Università di Padova, Italia

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