[R] RMySQL crashes R

Niels Steen Krogh nielssteenkrogh at hotmail.com
Thu May 15 13:34:12 CEST 2003

I havn't  tried your mysql-approach, but have with no problems used
a very different approach to connect R and mysql (and other

I use the folowing setup (everything opensource with no licensing

- Linux Redhat 8.0
- Zope 2.6.1  (www.zope.org)
- RSessionDA, RSOAP and rpy  (find via www.google.com)
- R1.6.2 with SESSION package (SESSION package is included in the RSESSIONDA 
- Mysql 3.23.52 (included in Redhat 8.0 distr.)

In this setup R and Mysql are webservices connected via Zopes
python-based technology.
This approach makes it very easy to distribute the use of R and
mysql since the userinterface is the web.  And the approach also
makes it very easy to svitch from mysql to postgresql or Oracle as
the backend database.

I you want to try this solution before you start building please
send me a mail, and I shall open my router for a short while.

I also have a few screenshots showing integration to Excel from R
(via zope) here. The text is in danish, but the pictures should be


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