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sandrine.mainard1@etud.univ-ubs.fr sandrine.mainard1 at etud.univ-ubs.fr
Wed May 14 15:28:45 CEST 2003


One more time,i have a question about a function in multtest!
I'm wondering how change the xlim and ylim when i use the mt.plot. Because it 
doesn't work if i want to have the legend too.And i have another question about 
- How do you explain the results of the mt.plot with the option "rvsa"? because 
i have calculate with a programm how many rejected hypotheses there are ,and i 
find the same results on graph if i say that is a cumulative distribution graph
(repartition).I don't know if that's right!
- How can i oblige R to make more tickmarks between the main tickmarks which 
have already drawn?
I'm apologize to annoy you nearly every day!!!!
Thanks a lot
Sandrine mainard

Université de Bretagne sud                               http://www.univ-ubs.fr/

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