[R] NLME - multilevel model using binary outcome - logistic regression

Andrej Kveder andrejk at zrc-sazu.si
Tue May 13 17:31:04 CEST 2003

I just want to followup on my earlier question. I tried fitting a nonlinear
regression using the NLS and specified a following model.

model.1<-nls(clinton ~ 1/(1 + exp(-(sex + educ + age))), data=elect)

The testing data set I'm using is on the US election polls. Clinton is a
binary outcome (1-vote, 0-no-vote).

However I get the following error message.

Error in match.call(definition, call, expand.dots) : .Primitive... is not a

What am I doing wrong?
I know that for the single level models R has better functions (e.g. lrm or
glm), I used them before with success. However in the final instance I want
to fit a multilevel model with a binary outcome variable as a simple binary
logistic model.

I would be thankfull for all the insights.


Andrej Kveder, M.A.
Institute of Medical Sciences SRS SASA; Novi trg 2, SI-1000 Ljubljana,
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