[R] homals for win32?

Douglas Trainor trainor at transborder.org
Tue May 13 13:04:59 CEST 2003

Khamenia, Valery wrote:

> Hi All
> is there "homals" package prepared for win32?

Jan de Leeuw sent out a release three days ago to the AlbertGifi list;
you might want to join.  Also a release with convex hull code, which
he calls hullplots, for variables...


He said R code was submitted to CRAN.

Or you could check out the activity of the last 5 days:


For example:

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Subject: 	[AlbertGifi] R homals package
Date: 	Sat, 10 May 2003 10:34:50 -0700
From: 	Jan de Leeuw <deleeuw at stat.ucla.edu>
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CC: 	statcompute at login.stat.ucla.edu

This is an R package which can be installed into Unix versions
of R (including the Darwin/X11 version for OS X) by

sudo R CMD INSTALL homals_0.1.1.tar.gz

The zip file is a precompiled R package for Windows which
can be installed from the package menu in Rgui.

The package give you access to the homals() and tkhomals()
commands. For tkhomals(), you need to be running an
X11 server under Unix. It runs fine under Windows with the
native Tcl/Tk. It also needs the tkrplot package installed.
tkhomals() provides a GUI to enter the parameters for the
homals() function and it provides some on-screen plots.
For the voronoi plots you also need the deldir package.

This includes the gubell, sleeping, mammals, house, senate,
and galo datasets.

Running one of the examples is as simple as

 > library(homals)
 > data(senate)
 > tkhomals(senate)

Documentation is skimpy. It will be expanded in subsequent
0.1.n versions.

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