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(Ted Harding) <Ted.Harding at nessie.mcc.ac.uk> writes:

> Despite recent replies (though mind you I'm not a user of ESS so can't
> comment on what that offers, though my prior guess is that people who
> like the pointy-clicky mindset of Windows are unlikely to adapt painlessly
> to emacs), you can in fact do something very similar with X windows in
> Unix/Linux. I have often done it, both with script files I'm writing
> myself and especially with example scripts (sometimes complex applications
> such as in the README for Schafer's MIX, working through it task by task
> to see what happens along the way, sometimes the mini-examples which are
> appended to the help files for R functions).

What you are describing is exactly what ESS is designed to make much

> 2. You have another file with "script" (i.e. R code) open in another
>    X window (you may be viewing the file with say 'less' or you may
>    be editing it using whatever text editor you prefer). Then:

So, you split Emacs to have 2 buffers, one with R and the other (or
many others) with source files).  In the next version of ESS, John
Fox's simple split screen will be available, along with toolbar
buttons for R, S-PLUS, and (hopefully) SAS.

> 3. Position the mouse pointer to the beginning of the code you want to
>    highlight, press the left button, and drag it to the end, thus
>    highlighting the whole block. Then:

C-c C-r to send it to R.

Or if it's within a function block, C-c C-f to send it to R

Or to send the current line, or buffer, or send line and step to the
next non-comment, and well...

> 5. You have been paging through a help file in the R window, and at the
>    end there is some R code you want to try. While the pager is still up,
>    highlight the block of code. Close the pager (e.g. with "q"). Then
>    middle-click in the R window. Same effect as (4) above.

C-c C-v object.to.get.help.on

Press "l" on the example code to evaluate one line and step to the


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