[R] libpq-fe.h ???

Prof Brian Ripley ripley at stats.ox.ac.uk
Sun May 11 22:33:59 CEST 2003

1) What has this to do with GRASS?  It has very little to do with R, 
either, appearing to be a PostgreSQL installation problem.

2) Did you install PostgreSQL from source, or install RPMS: if the latter
did you install _all_ the RPMs?  I suspect you don't have the client files
installed.  On my system (installed from the sources under RH7.3)  
libpq-fe.h is in /usr/local/pgsql/include.

3) Rdbi/Rdbi.PgSQL are not on CRAN and appear not to be supported, but in
any case you would do best to ask the author(s)/maintainer(s) about
packages, and especially non-CRAN packages.

4) There is no such thing as R, and reports have it that
Rdbi.PgSQL does not work with the current versions of R.  The only
currently supported R interface to PostgreSQL would appear to be RODBC.

On Sun, 11 May 2003, Miha STAUT wrote:

> I tried to install the Rdbi_0.1-2.tar.gz and Rdbi.PgSQL_0.1-2 package. The 
> Rdbi_0.1-2.tar.gz installed fine but the Rdbi.PgSQL_0.1-2 had some problems. 
> The compilation routine tried to  find a header called libpq-fe.h but did 
> not find it in the standard locations. I searched through the computer but 
> did not find a file called in this way either. What should I do to 
> successuffly install this package? In the Netleters introduction to R/GRASS 
> interface there is  no mention about this problems.
> The PostgreSQL_7.2.1 Users guide states: "Frontend programs that use libpq 
> must include the header file libpq-fe.h and must link with the libpq 
> library." Is Libpq a package that can be downloaded and how should I create 
> this header and make a link to it?


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