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>> This is true for  R 1.7.0 on both Win2000 with mingw and 
>Redhat 9.0 with gcc.
>Well, the source code is the same for both systems, so that is not 
>surprising (and BTW `mingw' is on ix86 port of gcc, and RH9 (no .0?) 
>uses another ix86 port of gcc).
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Starting with RH 9 (no .0), RH is moving away from the minor version
numbering scheme to focus on incremental updates to the major versions
via the RH Network.  Presumably this is a marketing driven approach

1. Secure additional incremental and predictable annual revenue via
RHN support programs 


2. Reduce the typical delays in new x.0 version adoption as opposed to
having folks wait for a x.1 release. Combined with the shortened End
of Life timelines for older versions that have been announced by RH,
this would *in theory* reduce the number of versions RH has to support
in the market place, reducing RH's version specific support costs.

Thus, more revenue and lower cost -> enhanced profitability.


Marc Schwartz

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