[R] windows data editor changes dimensions displayed data frames

Bernd Ebersberger bernd.ebersberger at vtt.fi
Fri May 9 10:34:08 CEST 2003

dear R-tists,

i am experiencing a problem with the data editor in the windows version of 
R 1.6.1 envoked with the command 'fix'.

the data editor changes the size of large data frames.

a simple example illustrates this:


 > dfrm <- data.frame(no=c(1:100000))
 > length(dfrm[,1])

[1] 100000

 > fix(dfrm)

 > length(dfrm[,1])

[1] 34464


does anybody have a quick remedy for this?

i am not sure whether it is worth putting much developmental effort in 
solving this particular problem.

however, i believe that one should be aware of it when working with large 
data sets.

greetings from the northern edge of europe.


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