[R] how to write text into a file

Jerome Asselin jerome at hivnet.ubc.ca
Thu May 8 22:29:29 CEST 2003

On May 8, 2003 01:04 pm, Xirui Yang wrote:
> [...]
> And why do I ask this question today?  I am taking on this term another
> lecture "Decentral System Design". The students should take part in an
> open source project,  design a prototype and write code for it. I
> remember that R-Project is an open source project. My group member and I
> think that we may write a command for the R-Project to put the text
> ouput into a postscript file, if there is not yet one.
> [...]

Just a suggestion... Perhaps the text output should be sent to the 
graphical device in use. This would be more general than restricting to 
the postscript device. The user could then choose to send the text to 
whatever graphical device available; e.g., jpeg, png, postscript, pdf, 
X11, etc.


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