[R] approximation of CDF

Khamenia, Valery V.Khamenia at BioVisioN.de
Thu May 8 12:57:52 CEST 2003

Hi all,

  is there any package in R capable of smooth approximation of CDF
  basing on given sample? 
  (Thus, I am not speaking about ecdf)

  In particular, I expect very much that the approximation should  
  subject to the property: 

     f(x0)<=f(x1) for x0<x1, where x0 and x1 belong to range of 
     the sample given.

  Polynomial approximation could be OK for me as well.

P.S. whould you please to make Cc on me answering this mail?

kind regards,
Valery A.Khamenya
Bioinformatics Department
BioVisioN AG, Hannover

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