[R] Plot labeling question

Paul, David A paulda at BATTELLE.ORG
Wed May 7 17:49:03 CEST 2003

Thanks to:  Corey Moffet, Iyue Sung, and Uwe Ligges
for pointing out the legend( ) function.

With appreciation,
  david paul

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I have an older Splus script that generated some 
regression graphics for me.  In it, I used the commands

key(10,750,text="<blah2>", border=0, background = 9) text(locator(1),"95%
Confidence Limits")
text(locator(1),"Model for Group 1")

There is no "key" function available in R; is there an 
equivalent that I can use?

Much thanks in advance,

 David Paul

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