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A.J. Rossini rossini at blindglobe.net
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While I think Sweave is great it might be overkill for the specific
problem mentioned.

The point is that you can script R similarly to S-PLUS.  Not quite as
easily as the newer versions of S-PLUS, perhaps.  However, some of us
still use R, S-PLUS, Stata, and SAS using the same approach (via
unifying interfaces such as ESS/Emacs, or text editors and loading the
resulting files).  Is this what you are asking?


Ulises Mora Alvarez <umalvarez at fata.unam.mx> writes:

> Hi:
> Take a look a Sweave....
>> library(tools)
>> ?Sweave
> Or at the R News 2/3 December 2003.
> On Tue, 6 May 2003 MZodet at ahrq.gov wrote:
>> Is there any such thing as a program file in R?  That is, is it possible to
>> compile and save code for performing data management and analytic tasks for
>> a given project into a single/multiple file(s) (i.e., like a script file
>> (S-Plus), a do file (STATA), or a *.sas file (SAS))?
>> Any words of wisdom or a point in the direction of some documentation would
>> be helpful.  If it is not possible to work with such files I would not mind
>> some advice on how I should be thinking about organizing my work differently
>> in R compared to these other programs.  Typically, I provide relatively
>> thorough project documentation in my program files so that if someone else
>> inherits them they can pick-up on them quickly.
>> Thanks.
>> Marc
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