[R] NA on multtest

sandrine.mainard1@etud.univ-ubs.fr sandrine.mainard1 at etud.univ-ubs.fr
Mon May 5 09:41:52 CEST 2003


I have one question about the mt.rawp2adjp in the mulltest package. Indeed, i 
have a database about fit and ill mice,and there are some "NA". I wanted to 
realise the mt.rawp2adjp, in order to have pvalue of several tests, but the 
Hochberg,BH and BY return me "NA" for all lines. Don't they accept the "NA" 
value, contrary the other tests? 

Thanks a lot 

Sandrine Mainard 

Université de Bretagne sud                               http://www.univ-ubs.fr/

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