[R] horizontal high-density lines?

Remko Duursma den.duurs at lycos.com
Thu Feb 27 19:05:03 CET 2003

Hi all,

two solutions for horizontal high-density lines were suggested:

Use plot(..., type="h") and turn your head sideways. This turned out to be a pain in the neck ;-). But it sure works!

segments() sure does the trick,

for example

y <- runif(10)
x <- 1:10
segments(x0=0, y0=y, x1=x, y1=y, col="red")

thanks for the help!



On Thu, 27 Feb 2003 08:30:00  
 Uwe Ligges wrote:
>Remko Duursma wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> the option type="h" in plot() makes nice vertical (histogram-like) lines. Is there a way to make similar, horizontal lines?
>> I can of course resort to using lines() multiple times, but i was hoping that there is a more elegant solution.
>> thanks,
>> Remko Duursma
>I guess you are looking for ?segments.
>Uwe Ligges
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