[R] epoch time conversion in R

Jerome Asselin jerome at hivnet.ubc.ca
Thu Feb 27 08:14:07 CET 2003

Install the "chron" package. Then convert the seconds into days...
Also have a look at the help file for chron().

Below is an example.


epoch <- c(month=3,day=23,year=1935)
data.seconds <- 1046315697+(0:10)*60*60*24
data.days <- data.seconds/(60*60*24)
fulldate <- chron(data.days,origin.=epoch)
date.only <- chron(floor(data.days),out.format="mon-day-year",origin.=epoch)

On Wednesday 26 February 2003 19:17, Sharad Agarwal wrote:
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> I have a data file where each entry is indexed by the time in seconds since
> epoch (e.g. 1046315697). Is there an easy way to convert this time value
> into a more friendly time (such as Month-Year) when plotting it?
> I searched through the manual, mailing lists, and functions like as.POSIXct
> and strptime, but didn't find what I need.
> Thanks,
> Sharad.
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