[R] R performance, labeling questions, etc.

Tony Vargas tvargas at cisco.com
Tue Feb 25 22:57:06 CET 2003

R helpers,

I am trying to add labels to my graphs.  I have a Perl Program which
generates thousands of R files like the one attached.

My data files have 2 - 8 columns in them.  The first column of every data
file is a header (Time) - which I want to have plotted against everything
else.  My current formula just plots each column, which is fine, yet at
the bottom for my labels I wind up with numbers.  What I would like to do
is have R grab the Time label in increments of 144 data points and use
that to label my X-axis instead of just plain numbers.  (Each data file
has about 4400 columns).

I can kind of have R lable the bottom by chaning my plot to "plot(usr.cpu
~ Time), yet then the graphs take much, much longer to generate.

Worst case, I will use "plot(usr.cpu ~ Time)" - yet, anyone know why this
would take a very, very long time?

Any ideas?



Tony Vargas
Cisco Systems
Engineering Computing Services
(408) 525-4113
tvargas at cisco.com
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