[R] Forcing plots to "adjust-to-data"

Marc Schwartz mschwartz at medanalytics.com
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>Hello.  In messing around with some of the graphical 
>parameters using the 
>par() function (setting margins for example), I've noticed 
>that the plot 
>doesn't always immediately respond to changes...for example 
>when lines are 
>added, if they are out of the range you need to physically 
>find out what 
>the new max range has to be.  Is there a companion function in 
>R to the 
>xlispstat function :adjust-to-data which dynamically forces 
>the plot to do 
>just that?  Thanks much again,
>   Jason

In general, once you actually plot the graphic in a device window, you
would need to re-plot the graphic if you need to alter the dimensional
attributes of the plot.  You can add new objects to an existing plot
quite easily, but within the pre-existing coordinate system or margin

Thus, if you need to adjust the x or y axis ranges for example, you
would need to re-draw the graphic.


Marc Schwartz

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