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On one dataset I have 220 cases of physical data (the variables represent
points on a curve). The Original data set holds about 1800 variables but
I reduce this to a power of 2 (32, 64, ...) with an approximation method
so that the representation of one curve (one observation) with say 32 points
(variables) does not differ too much from the original representation with
1800 variables.

What I was also wondering about: Why does lda tell me about warnings and
not *errors*?


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>What is the dimension of your data. i.e. how many observations and how
>variables do you have?
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>hello list,
>when I use method lda of the MASS package I experience a warning: variables
>are collinear in: lda.default(data[train, ], classes[train])
>Is there an easy way to recover from this issue within the MASS package?
>Or how can I tell how severe this issue is at all?
>I understand that I shouldn't use lda at all with collinear data and should
>use "quadratische" (squared?) discr. analysis (by Welch) instead. Or is
>wrong? Could I do this in R? 
>Thanks four your help,
>Till Baumgärtel
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