[R] Variance Components

Spencer Graves spencer.graves at pdf.com
Sun Feb 23 02:52:03 CET 2003

"lme" in library(nlme) is vastly superior in many ways to varcomp, but 
has the disadvantage of being difficult to use, at least in my 
experience.  When I need it, I also refer to José C. Pinheiro and 
Douglas M. Bates (2000) Mixed-effects models in S and S-PLUS (NY:  New 
York : Springer).  I highly recommend this book.

I hope this helps.
Spencer Graves

rab wrote:
> Does anyone know of a function or package that provides methods for 
> variance components similar to S-Plus's "varcomp" and "is.random" 
> functions?
> Thanks.
> Rick B.
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