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Andrew C. Ward s195404 at student.uq.edu.au
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1. The easiest way may be to save the file as a delimited
file (CSV works well) and then read it into R (using
read.csv, read.delim, etc). A DCOM server does exist for
R (see CRAN), but I don't have any experience with it. I
know that others use it successfully.

2. You will need to give the exact error message if you
want a more specific advice. Perhaps R cannot find the


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Quoting Nicoleris Theodoros <nikthe at aegean.gr>:

> Iam a novice R-user and I have a few questions:
> 1) How can R import an Excell data file?
> 2) I have a file.s file which it seems I can open but I can 
> not load it i.e. when I write the file name in the command line, for e.g.
> >file.s it gives me an error message
> thank you for your consideration,
> Theo Nicoleris
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