[R] faraway tutorial: cryptic command to newbie

Christoph Lehmann lehmann at puk.unibe.ch
Sat Feb 22 17:50:03 CET 2003

I am just about working through Faraways excellent tutorial "practical
regression and ANOVA using R"

on page 24 he makes the x matrix:
x <- cbind(1,gala[,-c(1,2)])

how can I understand this gala[,-c(1,2)])... I couldn't find an
explanation of such "c-like" abbreviations anywhere.

thanks for a hint.

another problem: I couldn't load the faraway library, using the
library() command, even though I specified the path, .. do I need to put
library files into a certain directory? I always got an error: Error in
library(faraway) : There is no package called `faraway'

Thanks a lot


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