[R] more mulitpage postscript problems

Wilkinson, Mark Mark.Wilkinson at stjude.org
Fri Feb 21 22:03:03 CET 2003


The second loop should be
for (j in i:min(i+3, 16)) {

Thanks for the help!

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On Fri, 21 Feb 2003, Mark Wilkinson stated:

>  tmp <- matrix(runif(16000), nrow=16)
>  ##postscript(paper='letter')
>  for (i in seq(1, 16, 4)) {
>    X11()
>    par(mfrow=c(2, 2))
>    for (j in 1:min(i+3, 16)) {
>      plot(density(tmp[j, ], from=0, to=1), lwd=3, main=paste(i, j))
>    }
>  }
>  ##dev.off()
>  When I run as is, I get what I want: four 'pages', 4 plots each.  But
>  I comment X11(), and uncomment the first and last lines, the postscript
>  file I get has 10 pages!

You do have 40 plots so you should get 10 pages with 4 plots on each page.
However, X11() is only called 4 times that is why you only have four
plot windows popping up.  Pages plotted on the same plot window will
previous pages, for obvious reasons.


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