[R] Help Var passing in function

Mark Marques mmarques at power.inescn.pt
Fri Feb 21 15:16:03 CET 2003

  First thanks to the fast answer regarding the "Clustplot problem"...
  Regarding a new problem:

  for (i in 1:5)
  z <- clara(adata, i)

  in the above code in the plot screen I get something like:
         clusplot(clara(x=adata,i)) in title
  in the 2nd type of plot I get
     silhouete plot of clara(x=adata,k=i,samples=50)

     How can I pass the real value to the i?
     What kind of command "transform" a var into their own value ?

     I tried using something like ~i , %i , but with no luck...
     Comments ?
     Any undocumented feature ?

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