[R] outliers/interval data extraction

Rado Bonk rbonk at host.sk
Thu Feb 20 18:34:03 CET 2003

Dear R-users,

I have two outliers related questions.

I have a vector consisting of 69 values.

mean = 0.00086
SD = 0.02152

The shape of EDA graphics (boxplots, density plots) is heavily distorted
due to outliers. How to define the interval for outliers exception? Is
<2SD - mean + 2SD> interval a correct approach?

Or should I define 95% (or 99%) limit of agreement for data interval,
and exclude lower, and higher values? 

How to extract only those values from vector which fulfill the condition
of interval (higher than A, and lower than B)?

Rado Bonk

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