[R] ClustPlots part3

Gavin Simpson gavin.simpson at ucl.ac.uk
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Hi Mark

Does this help?

plot(clara.obj, which.plots = 1)

This was buried a bit in the documentation for cluster.  plot.partition() is
the function used to do the plotting.  See its help page

You need to tell it to do plot 1 or 2 or NULL.  1 gets you a clusplot, 2
gets a silhouette plot, NULL gets both.  In the above command, the
which.plots gets passed though to plot.partition and only produces the one

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I am using the library(cluster), and (mva)
Clustering function clara()

sometihng like this:

cdata <- clara(vdata,6)

But for my surprise the after the plot I get :

   "Hit <Return> to see next plot:"
if i do something like :

I get:
  Make a plot selection (or 0 to exit):
  1:plot  All
  2:plot  Clusplot
  3:plot  Silhouette Plot

As   far   I   know  calling  plot  is using clusPlot() by reading the
"clara" object.
How can I avoid that interaction ?

Thanks in advance

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