[R] getting/storing the name of an object passed to a function

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As usual Prof. Ripley has delved a little deeper into the question and
pointed out that whilst my functions might be doing/printing what I wanted
them to do, they might not do if the object was updated AFTER using
hotelling.t!  See Prof. Ripley's reply below.

This was something I wasn't even close to considering, so thank you for
pointing this out.  I'll opt for the safe option and pass the bits I
actually require between functions rather than just the name.

All the best,


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Here's a comment I wrote that has not come through yet (and there is an 
engineer working on my mail server so it may be delayed/lost):

Use  objname <- deparse(substitute(obj))

at the top of hotelling.t, and make objname part of the returned list.

Another way is to capture the call by

        Call <- match.call()

pass that on and look at it in the print function.

However, if you really want the object and not its name, it is better to
pass the object.  Otherwise I could do

fit.lda <- lda(...)
hT <- hotelling.t(fit.lda)
fit.lda <- update(fit.lda, ....)

and that would I suspect not be what you want.

More generally, get() is dangerous, and I am pretty sure you don't want to
start the get() search inside your function nor do you want to eval()
there.  There is a real danger of getting the wrong objects.

On Wed, 19 Feb 2003, Gavin Simpson wrote:

> Dear List,
> Thanks to Patrick Burns I have now have the answer to my problem.
> getting the name and storing it in a variable is done by:
> obj.nam <- deparse(substitute(obj))
> getting the object back out using its name is done by:
> get(obj.nam)
> To actually use the entity that is described by obj.nam I then wrapped
> in eval().  The final line of code now looks like this:
> print(table(predict(get(x$obj.nam))$class, eval(get(x$obj.nam)$call[[3]]),
> dnn=c("Actual", "Predicted")))
> Which does exactly what I wanted it to.
> Many thanks
> Gavin Simpson
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> Hi
> I have a couple of functions that work on the object created by another R
> command and then print out or summarise the results of this work.
> The main function is defined as:
> hotelling.t <- function(obj)
> {
> 	#internal commands
> }
> I then have print.hotelling.t() that takes the list returned by
> and prints it with some extra significance calculations, formatting, etc.
> I want to then use the named object in another calculation in
> print.hotelling.t() , that only gets done/printed if you ask for it in the
> call to print.hotelling.t()
> How do I store the name of the object obj passed to hotelling.t in the
> object returned by hotelling.t?
> And how do I "paste" the name of that object into a call to another R
> function within my print.hotelling.t()?
> Perhaps this is not the best way to do things in R?  So any comments would
> be most appreciated.
> By the way, the object obj is of class lda (Package MASS), if that
> Functions appended below.  R 1.6.2 on windows XP.
> Many Thanks
> Gavin Simpson
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